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Bad Credit Vehicle Loans


Vehicle loans with bad credit

Auto loans are very accessible in New Zealand, especially if you have an excellent credit score rating. What if your credit score is low? You are probably wondering if you can still access an auto loan. The answer is, yes you can. Having a bad credit score is not always an indication of an inability to acquire an auto loan or any credit facility for that matter.
Vehicle loans with bad credit are facilities offered to individuals with low credit scoring. There are lenders in New Zealand who are willing to provide vehicle loans for bad credit. You only need to find the one that favours your current situation.

Bad credit vehicle loans
Vehicle loan with bad credit

How Vehicle Loans For Bad Credit Work:

Lenders look at your credit history, job history, and monthly income checking for consistency; to evaluate your ability to repay their money. After which they decide whether to take the risk of funding your vehicle loan bad credit or not.

Why Do People Need A Vehicle Loan For Bad Credit?

Maybe you need a car to drop your kids to school or go to work, but your credit score rating is low. It can be affected by various circumstances such as divorce, bankruptcy, medical situation, job loss, e.t.c. However, an individual should not shy away from seeking a vehicle loan for bad credit.

Bad credit vehicle loan

Things To Consider When Applying For Bad Credit Loans In New Zealand

Check your credit rating

Check your credit rating: this is a score reflecting your debt repayment history. Credit rating agencies are specialised to issue credit rating reports.

A few examples here in New Zealand include Dun and Bradstreet, Centrix and Equifax. This rating gives the lender an estimated probability of you defaulting the loan. Reviewing your credit report can play out in your favor especially if your credit score is on the borderline.

In case of discrepancies, have the corrections made and re-establish your credit worth.


Co-sign: Get a trusted person with a good credit score to co-sign with you. It can be your spouse or a close family member. Your co-signer will be accepting the responsibility to be tied to your loan, giving your lender a sense of security.

Co-sign Vehicle Loans

Start small

Start small: you can buy a reasonable car with a bad credit loan in New Zealand. The secret is to start small and build yourself as you re-establish your credit worth. With your available cash and obtained credit, find a vehicle that meets your basic needs. Consider buying a used car with a good maintenance record and good resell value.

Disadvantages Of Acquiring A Vehicle Loan For Bad Credit

Disadvantage of vehicle loans

Disadvantage of Bad credit vehicle loans

High-interest rate: the lower your beacon score, the higher the interest rate. Lenders charge high-interest rates as the risk attached to vehicle loans for bad credit is high.
Frustrations: the process of getting approved for a bad credit vehicle loans can be very frustrating to the applicant.
High risk of being conned: some dealers prey on the desperation of applicants and charge them exorbitantly.

Tips For Getting A Good Auto Deal With Bad Credit Vehicle Loans In New Zealand

• Be practical with your expectations: the process of qualifying bad credit loan NZ is a nightmare especially for someone who wants large sums of money regardless of their credit rating. So keep your expectations low to avoid frustrations.

• Have a reasonable down payment amount: having at least 10% or more of the total car value enables you to get a fair price for the car. Save until you have enough money. The more the money you have, the better your negotiating power.

• Get your loan preapproved first before visiting any dealerships: having this will give you an upper hand. You will be more in control of the negotiation process. Negotiating enables you to get a better price and interest rates for the car.

• Target to repay the loan over the shortest period possible. Short-term tenure will reduce the interest rate and also the overall amount paid by the end of the loan term.

Bad credit vehicle loans
Vehicle Loan NZ

Vehicle loan with bad credit

Having a bad credit rating is not the end of the world. You can still manage to get bad credit loan NZ with the insights shared above. Be on the lookout for the predatory dealerships that seek to exploit individuals with bad credit. Before you sign any document, ensure that there are no extra fees. It would be so unfortunate to pay so much money than you should have.